South Korea To Replace All Textbooks With Interactive eBooks

South Korea To Replace All Textbooks With Interactive eBook

Remember all those books you had to lug around when you went to school? My locker looked like a mini library! Keeping track of which books I needed for class and/or homework was quite a chore. Nowadays, we can carry around thousands of eBooks on one device. This practicality was recently adapted by the South Korean school system. They plan to ditch their textbooks and go digital by 2015.

The Ministry of Education Science and Technology (who is responsible for facilitating South Korean education) has set aside $2.2 billion to create a digital learning environment. They plan to develop a library of digital textbooks that contain interactive text and multimedia content. Students will be able to download the content straight to their tablet computers.

The Ministry also wants to develop online classrooms for students who are falling behind, or need to catch up on their studies. They are also considering a plan to provide online substitute classes for hospitalized students.

Not only will this technology enhance the quality of education in South Korea, it will also make learning more enjoyable. I really hope other countries follow suite. Our children are our future, let’s invest in them!

Check out this video, it shows you how to download thousands of free eBooks!

Source: The Chosunilbo

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