Google Earth Goes Underwater

Google Earth Goes Underwater

Google Earth is one of the greatest web apps ever made. You can view stunning aerial and street view images of just about any place in the world. Google has also used their  street view technology to bring us interior views of several businesses and art museums.  Now Google is ready to take us 20,000 leagues under the sea with navigational underwater maps!

The Ocean covers over 70% of this beautiful planet.  So far Google has published 10% of of that area.  They did so with the help of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Jacques Cousteau would be very proud!

Some of the areas you can explore are the Lamont seamount underwater volcanoes, the 10,000 foot high Mendocino Ridge and the new ocean floor being created in the Mid Atlantic ridge.  Pretty amazing stuff, go download Google Earth and check it out!

Check out this video for a more info:

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