OMG, LOL Made It To The Dictionary

OMG, LOL Made It To The Dictionary

FYI, It’s official, the Oxford English Dictionary has embraced LOL as part of the English Language.  OMG… you may be thinking.   Well, OMG made the cut too!

These aren’t the only initialisms included in the Oxford Dictionary.  IMHO, LMAO, TTYL, TMI, and BFF are already part of our language.  Yes, it’s true, we actually text with proper grammar.

Also, for the first time in Oxford’s 127 year history, a symbol has been added to the dictionary.  Yep, ♥ is apparently now a word.  Back to hieroglyphics we go!  Must be all those I♥NY shirts..

Check out this clever video, It’s loaded with all sorts of tech acronyms:


The Ultimate Computer Song
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3 Responses to OMG, LOL Made It To The Dictionary

  1. Harouls says:

    That’s absolutely insane. ~_~

  2. gsd says:

    Yeah..the internet is really leaking :p

  3. Matt says:

    Maybe I’ll use these new words in my college essays. Lol.

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