Google Provides Twitter Access for Egypt

google peace2

During a midst of an internet blackout, Google has used their newly acquired Saynow technology to bring Twitter functionality back to Egypt. That’s right, Google doesn’t even need the internet to function! Egyptians are now free to broadcast their feelings to the entire world!

Now, anyone in the world can simply dial one of three numbers, (650) 419-4196, +97316199855 or +390662207294 and leave a voice message. Google will transcribe the message and send it out as tweet using the hashtag #egypt.

The messages can be also be heard by dialing the same three numbers. The service, just launched a few hours ago is already receiving steady traffic. You can listen for yourself free of charge in the US by dialing (650) 419-4196 with the Google Voice dialer in Gmail.

It’s amazing to see what brilliant people can accomplish when they think outside the box. I really have to hand it Google on this one.

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