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Yahoo! Launches Social Gaming at SF Bus Stops

Thought waiting for the bus was boring?  Not anymore, Yahoo! has installed giant touch screen gaming displays at 20 San Francisco bus stops. The screens are part of their latest advertising campaign “Bus Stop Derby”. The promotion pits 20 neighborhoods


Book Your Next Flight To Space On Kayak.com

Tired of paying astronomical rates for space travel? Kayak has you covered. Going where no travel site has gone before, they are now selling trips to space.


Eye Camera, No Not iCamera

Researchers from the University of Illinois and Norhwestern University have created a camera which functions like a human eye.  The camera is about the size of a nickel, has a 3.5x optical zoom, takes very clear photos and is inexpensive


Human and Robot Kinect

Ever-since the release of Kinect for Xbox 360, a lot of software has been written to propel the device way beyond the realm of video games.  People have been able to hack to the Kinect to surf the web Minority


IPad 2 Parts Leaked!

Global Direct Parts is listing parts for the next generation iPad on their website.  This is the same company who leaked a video of  the unreleased Verizon iPhone earlier this month. They simply list the screen as iPad 2 LCD Screen


Facebook Enables Voice Updates in India

Facebook has teamed up with Indian mobile service provider Aircel to enable voice status updates. That's right, no more scrambling to a computer so you can tell the world you're eating crackers! Just call 51555, verify your account and record


Mind-Bending Global Internet Stats for 2010

Pingdom has released some amazing internet statistics for 2010. The internet is growing at an alarming rate. So fast, it's baffling to think what these stats will look like next year. Here's an overview.


Amazing iPhone/Brain Integration!

Ok, take a deep breath here, this might blow you away.. PLX Devices has released “XWave” mind control technology for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  XWave is a headset that plugs into your favorite “iDevce”.  It uses state-of the -art


Rumor Roundup: iPad 2, iPhone 5 and Apple TV

Wow, The web is a buzzin' this week with lots of iRumors! Here's the best stuff from the best sources!


LCD Gets Optical

If you're having trouble reading this article, new LCD technology may soon be able to help. Pixel Optics has created emPower!, the first ever pair of LCD bifocal glasses.