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The World’s First 3D Smartphone

The World’s First 3D Smartphone

LG officially announced their Optimus 3D smartphone yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.  The LG Optimus will feature 3D gaming, video and photography.  Will you need to wear 3D glasses?…Nope! The Optimus 3D sports not one, but

Researchers To Produce Ethanol From Beer And Soda Waste

Researchers To Produce Ethanol From Beer And Soda Waste

Convert soda and beer to into bio friendly ethanol?  Sounds a bit tipsy, but it’s true.  The project is led under the influence of New Brunswick Community College.  They are nearing completion of a $500,000 mobile pilot plant in which

Mobile VM Software Runs Android Apps On Non-Android Devices

Mobile VM Software Runs Android Apps On Non-Android Devices

Smartphone mania is amongst us.  Upon a sea of handset options, there are a slew of mobile operating system. There’s iPhone iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Palm OS, WIndows Mobile, Symbian and more. Typically, mobile apps are written for a specific


Toshiba’s New Camera Technology Identifies Food

Cameras are no longer single purpose devices. They're now used to scan barcodes, solve Sudoku puzzles and translate text. Many cameras also ship with facial recognition technology, but why stop there? Toshiba is developing a camera system that will


Lifelike Holograms at Work in a London Airport

Meet Holly and Graham, London Luton Airport’s two newest employees.  Although they may look real, they aren’t. Holly and Graham are Holograms, quite a coincidence eh? The duo started work just a couple of days ago at the airport’s security


Google Launches Google Art Project

Today, Google has unveiled Google Art Project, a project 18 months in the making. Google has used their Street View technology to photograph the interior of several art museums around the wold.  Googlers can now take virtual tours of the


UPS Trucks (Almost) Never Turn Left

Did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? Kinda weird, but very efficient in the long haul. Left hand turns are very time consuming.   Typically, turning left requires waiting for oncoming traffic and traffic lights. Eliminating that


Life Saving iPhone App

Do You know CPR?  Are you willing to save a life? There are many amazing apps that can do just about anything, now there is an app that can help save lives.


New Mall Kiosk Helps You Find Your Car

Many people frequent the “Find a Store” kiosk at the the local mall to determine their location and quickly navigate to the nearest Cinnabon. Well, a new type of kiosk at the Santa Monica Place Mall a will now help


At last, The White iPhone 4 is Coming!

There are lots of people who have been itching for a white iPhone 4 since the darn thing launched in June!  Apple has delayed the role out of their peal colored beauty several times because light was able to seep