Netflix Coming To 43 Latin American, Caribbean Countries

Netflix Coming To 43 Latin American, Caribbean Countries

Netflix (NFLX) just announced some major expansion plans.  Later this year, they will offer their popular streaming service to 43 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. This expansion

South Korea To Replace All Textbooks With Interactive eBook

South Korea To Replace All Textbooks With Interactive eBooks

Remember all those books you had to lug around when you went to school? My locker looked like a mini library! Keeping track of which books

The Pope Is Now On Twitter

The Pope Is Now On Twitter

Pop Benedict XVI has embraced Twitter to spread the word of god.  Yes, the Pope is a man of god and a man of tech!  He

Myspace Sold For $35 Million

Myspace Sold For $35 Million

Social Media pioneer, Myspace was just purchased by Specific Media for $35 million.  News Corporation, Myspace’s parent company will claim a minority stake in Specific Media.


Moviepass Offers Unlimited Movie Tickets For $50 A Month

We all love going to the movies.  There’s nothing like watching a great film come to life on the big screen.  The advent of IMAX and

How To Invest In Facebook Before They Go Public

How To Invest In Facebook Before They Go Public

Facebook is expected to IPO early next year, which is great news for anyone who wants to own a chunk of the world’s largest social network.

Urthecast To Provide Live Zoomable HD Video Of The Earth

Urthecast To Provide Live Zoomable HD Video Of The Earth

Very few people have had the opportunity to view our beautiful planet from afar. This will soon change, Urthecast plans to provide HD streaming video of


Credit Card Numbers Explained

Ever wonder what all those numbers on your credit card mean?  Neither have I. Interestingly, all those numbers aren’t random. does a great job breaking down this unpondered mystery.  They also unravel a secret code (for all you Di


Bluetooth Goes Retro

Taking technology a step backwards, Think Geek has dressed modern telecom with nostalgic flare. Yes, the bluetooth headset has gone retro. The cutting edge throw back design replicates ancient sophistication in a non-rotary world. Simply set your iPhone to the


How To Reveal Encrypted Passwords

I'm sure that you are all going to use this information responsibly. You know, to "remember" all those auto fill passwords saved on your computer. For the small percentage (99%) of you that may use this information for other purposes, well


Yahoo! Launches Social Gaming at SF Bus Stops

Thought waiting for the bus was boring?  Not anymore, Yahoo! has installed giant touch screen gaming displays at 20 San Francisco bus stops. The screens are part of their latest advertising campaign “Bus Stop Derby”. The promotion pits 20 neighborhoods


Google: Schmidt To Step Down, Reports Solid Q4

Google announced their Q4 earnings today, but who cares?  The big news is that their CEO Eric Schmidt will step down and assume the role of Executive Chairman.  Schmidt will be replaced by Google co-founder Larry Page on April 4th.


Angry Birds Series Coming Soon…

That’s right, Angry Birds is headed for your living room!  Soon those vengeful birds and round green pigs will be featured in their own animated series. “We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely


Book Your Next Flight To Space On

Tired of paying astronomical rates for space travel? Kayak has you covered. Going where no travel site has gone before, they are now selling trips to space.


Coming Soon: 3D Photo Printing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, any idea what a 3D photo is worth?  We may soon find out.  This spring, Kodak is introducing a 3D photo printer.  The $100 ESP C310 will ship with two pairs of


Eye Camera, No Not iCamera

Researchers from the University of Illinois and Norhwestern University have created a camera which functions like a human eye.  The camera is about the size of a nickel, has a 3.5x optical zoom, takes very clear photos and is inexpensive


Apple Reports Monster Q1 Earnings and Sales

Apple has reported another blowout quarter. They basically crushed analysts expectations. The stock was briefly halted as these numbers were reported. After the halt, Apple began trading with tremendous volume, briefly propelling to all time highs.  Bad news for all