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Amazon Video

Amazon Prime To Include Unlimited Video Streaming?

An unlimited video streaming service may soon launch for Amazon Prime members. Last night, Amazon mistakenly slipped the following message on their site: “Your Amazon Prime membership now includes unlimited, commerical-free instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows at


UPS Trucks (Almost) Never Turn Left

Did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? Kinda weird, but very efficient in the long haul. Left hand turns are very time consuming.   Typically, turning left requires waiting for oncoming traffic and traffic lights. Eliminating that


Life Saving iPhone App

Do You know CPR?  Are you willing to save a life? There are many amazing apps that can do just about anything, now there is an app that can help save lives.


New Mall Kiosk Helps You Find Your Car

Many people frequent the “Find a Store” kiosk at the the local mall to determine their location and quickly navigate to the nearest Cinnabon. Well, a new type of kiosk at the Santa Monica Place Mall a will now help


Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Hacked

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page has been hacked. This hack is significant and delivers a bold statement. Yes, the person that you trust as guradian over your personal information, deepest thoughts and keg-stand photos has been hacked. This


At last, The White iPhone 4 is Coming!

There are lots of people who have been itching for a white iPhone 4 since the darn thing launched in June!  Apple has delayed the role out of their peal colored beauty several times because light was able to seep


Android Phones to Power Space Satellites

Want to launch a satellite into space but lack some necessary hardware/software?  There’s an app for that! Many people are starting to wonder when smartphones will replace PCs.  Space researchers at the University of Surrey and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited


How to Confuse an Idiot

This is a must see, enjoy! Tweet


Virtual Product Placement

Product placement is friggin every where. We see it daily in movies, television shows and at sporting events. Manufactures know that we’re all suckers and that we’ll likely order from Pizza Hut just because Wayne and Garth did. Impossible Software


How To Reveal Encrypted Passwords

I'm sure that you are all going to use this information responsibly. You know, to "remember" all those auto fill passwords saved on your computer. For the small percentage (99%) of you that may use this information for other purposes, well