How To Share Your Facebook Photos On Google+

How To Share Your Facebook Photos On Google+

Google+ is on fire!  In just two weeks, Google’s new social network has acquired close to 10 million users!  As I mentioned a couple days ago, keeping up with Google+ and Facebook can be quite cumbersome.  Well have no fear, Techni Glee! is here to help you out. We’ve already shown you how to view your Facebook feed on Google+.  Today, we’re going to show you how to share your Facebook photos on Google+.

Here’s what to do:  First, Open up Chrome and click here.  Next, download and install the “Move2Picasa” Chrome plug in.  You will now notice a small Picasa icon to the right of your address bar.  Click on the icon, then click “Login with Facebook”.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see all of your Facebook photos and photo albums.  Select which albums or photos you would like to upload to Picasa and click the upload button.  Once your photos have finished uploading, you’ll be able to access and share them from within your Google+ account!

This plug-in is a life saver for anyone with a large Facebook photo collection.  Remember, it only works on Chrome for now. Happy Sharing!

Here’s a great Xtranormal video that makes fun of the whole Google+ craze. Enjoy!

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