Facebook Introduces Video Calling And Group Chat


Think you might be addicted to Facebook?  Well if so, watch out, you may soon become a junkie.  Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg just announced that group chat and video calling are coming to Facebook!  Yep, now you can “LOL” with 20 people at once and chat with all your friends face to face.

The group chat feature is really easy to use.  Simply open a chat with a buddy of yours and click on the “Add Friends To Chat” Icon.  That’s it!  Nothing else to it, Facebook could not have made this any easier.  This feature will come in handy for anyone trying to plan an activity with multiple friends or family members.

Facebook video calling is sure to be a hit.  Typically, to make a video call, both parties need to join the same service, exchange screen names and add each other as contacts.  Since (just about) everyone is already using Facebook, there is no such hassle.  Just click the little video call icon at the top of your chat window, wait for your buddy to accept and enjoy some nice face to face conversation!

Facebook partnered with Skype to build their new video calling feature.  The two companies have worked on the product for several months.  They wanted to build an easy to use video conferencing application that runs natively within Facebook.  They have succeeded.  I think video calls are now going to become part of our everyday lives.

 ”Your least technical friend can get online and connect to somebody else.” Simplicity. No separate accounts, no separate Web sites, the download is small and easy, one button click to any friend on a social network that already HAS all your friends.

Video Calling will become available to everyone in the coming weeks.  You can try it now by clicking here.

Here’s a video of Facebook demoing the new service, enjoy!

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