Wireless Electricity Is Now A Reality

Wireless Electricity Is Now A Reality

I’ve always found the idea of wireless power fascinating. Just imagine a world with no power outlets or messy cables, sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? For consumers, a wireless charging mat is as wireless as electricity gets. Well that is about to change! A couple of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have developed the “uBeam” wireless power system.

The uBeam is described as “the Wi-Fi for energy”. It uses a a transmitter that beams power over high energy ultra sound waves. The power is then absorbed by uBeam “pucks” that attach to and charge low powered electrical devices.

A uBeam prototype was demonstrated at the this year’s D9 conference. It was able to transmit 8V over a few feet. The energy transmission was blocked when an object stood in the transmitter’s line of site. When it ships this fall, it will be able to transmit power up to 30 feet and will not be affected by line of site obstructions. The uBeam transmitter will cost $200-$300 and each puck will run you $30.

Sound too good to be true? Check out these uBeam demo videos and see for yourself!

Source: Engadget

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