Video: This Girl Had All Her Facebook Friends Tattooed On Her Arm

Video: This Girl Had All Her Facebook Friends Tattooed On Her Arm

How many Facebook friends do you have?  I like to keep it simple, I don’t add everybody I’ve made eye contact with in the last five years.  It just becomes more personable that way.  But then again, I’m not really addicted to Facebook as some people are.  I’ll pop on once or twice a day, LOL a little and maybe post a line or two about what I’m doing.

Some people on the other hand are fanatics.  I’m sure you all know one or two of them.  They post an update every time they sneeze or brush their teeth.  No harm done, I just think the majority of your life should be off the record.

After the fanatics, you have the obsessed.  Let’s take the girl in the video featured below, we’ll just call her Inky.  She has 152 Facebook friends, nothing too crazy… yet.  You see, Inky likes her Facebook friends so much that she have to have  each and everyone their profile pictures tattooed on her arm!   Yeah that’s kinda creepy… Although if she wanted to friend me, I’d except.  Inky’s Techni Glee! tattoo could bring in a lot of traffic!

Just curious, what happens when she wants to unfriend someone?  Enjoy the video!

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