Teen’s Invention Increases Solar Panel Efficiency by 40%

Teen's Invention Increases Solar Panel Efficiency by 40%

Solar panels will soon become an even more viable source of alternative energy, thanks to one teen’s invention. Eden Full, a 19 year old from Calgary has invented the SunSaluter, a device that will increase the efficiency of Solar Panels by up to 40%.

The Sunsalutor is made of bi-metallic strips and attaches to a Solar Panel. The strips expand during the day as the temperature increases, then contract at night as the temperature cools. The movement of the strips rotate the solar panel, keeping it perpendicular to the sun at all times.

Because The Sunsalutor uses no electricity, it is deployable in areas of the world that are without power. Full decided to launch a pilot program in Kenya, which provided power to a village of 1,000 people, many of which had never experienced electricity before.

The 19 year old was awarded the $10,000 Scotiabank EcoLiving Student Leadership Award for her accomplishment. She was also presented with the $1000,000 20 under 20 Thiel Fellowship. She plans to use the money to share her technology with the world.

Here’s a great video of Eden Full describing her amazing invention and philosophy.

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