Moviepass Offers Unlimited Movie Tickets For $50 A Month


We all love going to the movies.  There’s nothing like watching a great film come to life on the big screen.  The advent of IMAX and 3D have made the experience even more enjoyable.  Just one problem, the ticket prices just keep going up! (and the movies keep getting worse!).  Moviepass, a new startup is hoping to save movie goers some cash by offering unlimited flix at the theater for $50 a month.

Think of Moviepass as Netflix for the big screen. You can enjoy every blockbuster that grazes the silver screen for one flat rate. Just show up at a theater, present a redemption code (issued by the Moivepass web app) and enjoy your movie! Tickets can also be reserved online through participating websites such as

To avoid abuse, Moviepass has placed a few restrictions.  Here’s the fine print, via Mashable:

  • Users are limited to seeing one movie per day. .
  • Users can only see a movie one time. If you want to re-watch Transformers 3 or another summer blockbuster, you’ll need to pay for your ticket.
  • Tickets are non-transferrable.
  • Tickets must be purchased the day of the show.
  • 3D and IMAX tickets will cost an additional $3. The user will just pay the difference in ticket price between 2D and 3D but can still purchase and pick up tickets the same way as with a regular 2D film.

Moviepass is launching their beta program this weekend in San Francisco.  Hopefully it will launch nationally in the coming months.  In the meantime, visit their website for a chance to win a year of free movie tickets!

Check out this video to learn how you can get free tickets to advance movie screenings:

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