Microsoft Releases A Preview Of Windows 8

Microsoft Releases A Preview Of Windows 8

Today, Microsoft offered a sneak peak of their upcoming Windows 8 OS at the D9 conference. Pretty slick timing … just a few days before Apple unveils Mac OS X Lion. The new Windows OS user interface is based on new (iOS like) Live Panels, not so much on … Windows.

The Live Panels do look pretty sweet. Think of them as smart icons that provide dynamic content. For example, a weather app’s Live Panel can display basic weather information, which can be viewed without needing to open the actual app.

Once an app is launched, it will fill the entire screen. Open apps can be be toggled with a finger swipe or mouse drag. Two apps can share the screen at the same time, which is a must have for any multitasker. The size of each viewable app can be adjusted by clicking or tapping and dragging.

Windows 8 was designed primarily for multi-touch devices, but it will still support a mouse and keyboard. If swiping and dragging through an iOS knock off isn’t your thing, Windows 8 will still offer their traditional file system… getting scared yet?

The OS actually does look pretty sweet. Microsoft has not announced when they will begin shipping Windows 8, so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out this video of Windows 8 in action!

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