How To Stop Receiving The Yellow Pages


If you are able to read this article, then you don’t need the Yellow Pages! You are connected to something called the internet, go to Google, you’ll find information on any business WAY faster than you ever could by thumbing through a phone book. You’ll also be able to browse business reviews on Yelp, try doing that with the yellow pages.

Using the Yellow Pages just seems barbaric nowadays. Yet, they are still delivered to us, constantly. I must receive at least 4 different directories every year! Now I’m no tree hugger, but come on let’s save some paper here, no one uses these things!

Luckily, you can opt out of Yellow Pages delivery. Not many people know this, but there is actually a Yellow Pages opt out website. SImply click here, verify your adress and chose to opt out or change the amount of yellow page publications that you want to receive.  It’s quick and easy and Mother Nature will love you!

Check out these guys take the issue of excess Yellow Pages delivery into their own hands!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love your blog! I have always wondered about this!

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