How To Invest In Facebook Before They Go Public

How To Invest In Facebook Before They Go Public

Facebook is expected to IPO early next year, which is great news for anyone who wants to own a chunk of the world’s largest social network.  Right now, the company is valued at (just) $70 billion, they are expected to be worth at least $100 billion when they go public.  Yes, there’s a lot of upside potential here!  So, if you want to invest in Facebook before they IPO, keep on reading!

Today, the investment fund GSV capital (GSCV) purchased 225,000 pre IPO shares of Facebook for $6.6 million.  The newly acquired shares account for 15% of GSV’s total portfolio.  Since GSV is a publicly traded fund, you can easily hop aboard and get a piece of the Facebook action.  Shares of GSV soared over 41% today on the news.

Chart via Yahoo Finance (click to enlarge)

If you wish to invest solely into Facebook, check out secondmarket.  They specialize in trading shares of private companies.  They can hook you up with pre IPO shares of Facebook if you are an Accredited Investor or Qualified Institutional Investor.  Visit their website for more details.

Check out this funny Facebook song, it’s pretty entertaining!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Do you really think they are worth that much?

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