How To Download YouTube Videos


YouTube is a goldmine. There have videos about anything and everything!  I like searching YouTube for tutorials, concert footage, and product reviews.  Of course there’s always a great assortment of hilarious viral content to chose from.

Not many people know this, but YouTube videos are pretty easy to download.  You can also save them on your smartphone, iPod or tablet.  All you need is a little program called YouTube Free Downloader.

YouTube Free Downloader is easy to use and will download just about any YouTube video.  It will also convert the videos into an array of formats including, MOV, AVI, MP4 and WMV.   It can even download 1080P HD videos!

You can download YouTube Free Downloader as a Firefox plug-in (link) or as a standalone Window app (Link).  Both versions are freeeasy to use!  If you’d like some free software to edit your videos, click here.

Check out YouTube Free Downloader in action:


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