How To Backup All Your Facebook Data


Ever lose your Facebook photos?  I did once, not a good moment!   All those expressions, memories and funny moments, gone in an instant!  Thankfully, I had the all the photos backed up in iPhoto, so I was all set.

Facebook is slowly becoming the norm for photo sharing, email and so much more.  It is important to save our Facebook data incase we accidentally erase it.  Fortunately, Facebook has made this very easy to do.

Simply click on your account tab, select “Account Settings” and look for “Download Your Information”.  Next, click on “Learn More”, follow the prompts and click “Download”.  Facebook will then compile all your information into a zip file (this process took a few hours for me).  Once it’s ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your archive.

After you’ve downloaded and unzipped your file, you’ll have a backup of all your photos, videos and messages.  You’ll also have a backup of your profile, wall posts, friends list, photo comments etc…

I urge you all to Backup your LOLs every six months or so.  Trust me, you’ll be very relieved if you ever lose your data!

Here’s a great Facebook backup tutorial from Tekzilla, enjoy!

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