Google Brings Voice And Image Search To Chrome

Google Brings Voice Search And Search By Image To Chrome

Google has turned us all into virtual geniuses. They have given us the ability to learn just about anything…. instantly. Well, stuffing your brain with information is about to get even easier. Today, Google introduced two new powerful tools for the desktop, Voice Search and Search By Image.

Voice search is amazing. Simply visit Google’s home page from the Chrome web browser, click on the microphone icon and tell it what you would like to search for. Google will transcribe your speech, search the web and deliver your search results in a jiffy. You can also use Voice Search to solve math problems and search for flights.

Search By Image is really great. Simply drag a photo from your computer into Google’s search field and you’ll receive all sorts or relative information. Image search recognizes art, animals and even geographic locations. This feature will work natively on the Chrome web browser, it will also work on Firefox via Google’s Search By Image plug-in.

Both of these features are set to go live within the next couple of weeks.  Pretty amazing stuff!  Seriously, the word “research” will soon be laid to rest, only to be remembered during those nostalgic “Remember When” conversations!

Check out these demo videos to see the new features in action:

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