Apple Unveils iCloud – It’s A Game Changer


Steve Jobs took the stage today at WWDC and introduced iCloud, Apple’s new file synching innovation.

The iCloud isn’t a fluffy thing in the sky that resembles a bunny if you turn your head sideways.  It’s an enormous data center in North Carolina which automatically stores your content and “wirelessly pushes it to all your devices”.  It works seamlessly in the background, you don’t need to do anything, “it just works”.

Here’s some of the ways that it’ll make your life a whole lot easier:

iCloud will sync your contacts, calendars and mail across all of your iOS devices, PCs and Macs. This is a life saver if you work from many computers and iDevices!  Also, if you create/edit a contact or calendar event on one device, iCloud will automatically push the new information to all of your other devices.

If your’re a book worm, you’re gonna love this…iCloud will sync your iBook bookmarks!  Once you’re done reading, simply bookmark your page, and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left from any of your devices.  Also, when you buy an iBook from one device, it will also download to your other devices automatically.

App syncing is seamless with iCloud.  You’ll be able to download any app you’ve ever purchased from the App Store to any of your iOS devices, free of charge.  Any Apps you buy in the future will be downloaded to all of your devices automatically, at no extra cost.

The same holds true for music purchased from iTunes.  Any music you’ve ever purchased from iTunes can be downloaded to all of your iDevices free of charge.  If you’d like to sync (ripped or pirated) music that you didn’t purchase on iTunes, Apple will scan your itunes library and make your songs available in the same way.  There is a $25 annual fee for this service, likely due to content regulations.

iCloud make photo syncing a breeze.  Photos taken from any iOS device will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and pushed to your Mac, PC and other iOS device(s).  You can also upload entire photo libraries from your Mac or PC to the cloud and access them from the Photo app on your iOS device.

iCloud will also make daily backups of your iOS device.  This will come in very handy if you ever need to replace or restore your device(s).  Simply enter your iTunes username and password and all your data will be restored just the way you like it!

Apple will release iCloud this fall along with iOS 5.  So how much will it cost?  Nothing!  Yes, this amazing service will be offered at no cost.  I think a whole lot of people are about to dump Android and move to iOS.  This was a brilliant multi-billion dollar investment by Apple.  I think they are about to corner the post PC market.



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One Response to Apple Unveils iCloud – It’s A Game Changer

  1. Nathan says:

    Android has been able to do most of these things since it launched. Add dropbox and then you are set.

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