9 Year Old Develops Chiropractic iPad App

9 Year Old Develops Chiropractic iPad App

Think you’re smarter than a fourth grader? Oh yea, well can you develop an iPad app? Neither can I, but Jesse Friedman, a 9 year old from Philadelphia sure can!

It all started when Dr. Andy Kirschner told Jesse’s mom about a chiropractic app he was developing. Jesse overheard the conversation, looked up and said “I can do that”. Dr. Kirschner took Jesse up on his offer and handed him a stack of video discs along with a layout of how the app “Back Together” should function.

The 9 year old computer wiz got to work building the iPad app. He used many programs including Microsoft Publisher, Handbrake, Dreamweaver and Phonegap. When Dr. Kirschner saw the final product, he was blown away with what the 9 year old had accomplished, “I was knocked out. I was really impressed,” he told NBC Philadelphia.

Apple was also impressed with the app also and published it to the iPad App Store. Jesse found the whole App creation process to be enjoyable “The app was really fun to produce,” Friedman told NBC Philadelphia. Jesse plans to produce more apps in the future, very impressive!

Click here to purchase Back Together for $5.99 at the Apple App Store.

Source: MSNBC

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