This Robot Plays Angry Birds… Perfectly!

This Robot Plays Angry Birds... Perfectly!

Think you’re good at Angry Birds?  It’s time to meet your match.  Outfidelity just created a robotic system with a simple purpose: To rule Angry Birds!

The robot has finger like probes that fling your favorite Angry Birds with stealth-like-precision. The robotics team claims that their creation will score 3 stars in every level of the game.

OptoFidelity has put the robot technology into good use, and designed a system which plays Angry Birds automatically. As OptoFidelity does a lot of work with touch panel testing and performance testing for mobile devices using video and optical measuring systems, it wasn’t hard to implement an application for this particular need. The most difficult part of the project was to play through all levels of Angry Birds. Thanks to the ready-made components that OptoFidelity already had, the robot controlling part was quite easy.

Check out the video, Those little green pigs should be scared, very scared!

Source: Techcrunch


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