How To Watch 3D On Your Existing TV Without Glasses

How To Watch 3D On Your Existing TV Without Glasses

3D is no longer a rarity for movies, it’s actually becoming common place.  3D TVs are selling at a feverish pace and there are a slew of 3D channels on the market.  While we all love our 3D entertainment, those darn glasses are friggin annoying!  Well, Jonathan Post has discovered a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize the way in which we consume 3D media forever.

You see, we can actually watch movies in 3D naturally, its all about simple eye movement. All you need are Post’s specially designed electronic things that stick on your temples.  Don’t ask me what kind of radiation, voltage, or narcotics these things push into your brain, but apparently if you wear them and blink your eyes a million times per second, the 3D fairy will visit you.

Before you use this technique to watch the 162 minute long Avatar, I strongly suggest that you down a couple 5 Hour Energies and lots of aspirin.  The entire process is demonstrated below, enjoy!

Source: TQ Cast 

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