Google Introduces An Amazing Cloud Based Music Player

Google Introduces An Amazing Cloud Based Music Player

Google just released Google Music Beta, an incredible cloud based music service. Google Music lets you store up to 20,000 songs in the cloud and access them from any computer or Android compatible device.

To help you upload your music to the cloud, Google has developed a “Music Manager” app for both Mac and PC.  With just a few clicks, Music Manager will upload your entire iTunes or Windows Media library along with all your playlists, play counts and ratings.

Once your music is in the cloud, you can create custom playlists which are accessible from any compatible device. To help you create a playlist, Google has introduced a new “Instant Mix” playlist suggestion tool.

Google Music Beta has an amazing 3D user interface with stunning animated transitions. There is also a “Make Available Offline” feature that lets you easily download albums, artists and playlists straight to your mobile device.

Google Music is free while in beta. It is currently available by invitation only. Click here to request your invitation now!

Check out this video for a demonstration!

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