Friskies Introduces iPad/Android Games For Cats

Friskies Introduces iPad/Android Games For Cats

There are now over 95,000 iPad apps. Yep, there are apps for toddlers, teenagers, grownups and even the elderly. But what about animals?  Seriously, there are a ton of hilarious YouTube videos that feature pets playing with the iPad, so why no apps?  Well cats and cat lovers can now rejoice.  The feline friendly folks over at Friskies have developed three new games for cats!

Yes, fluffy can now waste the day away playing Cat Fishing!, Tasty Treasures Hunt! and Party Mix-Up!.  The web based apps are free to play and be accessed from any iPad or Android tablet.  Simply visit the Games For Cats website and start clawing.

Friskies states that the games are “based on research of cats’ senses and how they react to stimuli”.  Based on the video below, I think they have have a hit here!  Pretty soon we’re gonna have a lot of feline iAddicts running around!

Check out the games in action!

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