Facebook And Google Are Competing For Skype

Facebook And Google Are Competing For Skype

Reuters has reported that both Facebook and Google are considering a partnership or acquisition of Skype.  This could be a heated war, since Skype’s VOIP and video conferencing capabilities could benefit both companies.

One unnamed source told Reuters that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already begun acquisition discussions with Skype.  A second source claims that Google and Facebook are merely seeking a Skype partnership.  All discussions are reported to be in their early stages.

I think Facebook wants the deal more.  The popular social network has no native VOIP or video conferencing abilities, which they kinda need.  Skype’s technology plus their newly acquired QIK capabilities would make Facebook 1,000,000x more addictive than it already is.  This makes Google very scared.

Google already has a great Google Voice VOIP service and video chat built into Gmail.  A Skype acquisition/partnership could improve these already great services, however I think Google has a different motive.  They want to prevent Facebook from obtaining rights to Skype’s technology. Social media expansion is a top priority for Google. Therefore, blocking a Skype/Facebook would be paramount.

We’re about to see one heck of a bidding war, stay tuned!

This video rocks, it’s so true!

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