Disney Is Developing Full Sensory Video Game Technology

Disney Is Developing Full Sensory Video Game Technology

Remember when video games were 8-bit?  Then they went to 64 bit, then HD, then 3D.  Well, Disney doesn’t want to stop there, they want you to feel your video games. I’m not talkin about some bass shaker under your seat, I mean actually feeling rain, centrifugal force or even touch!

To achieve this effect, Disney has developed a technology called Tactile Brush. It uses a chair with 12 vibrating coils which are used to create the illusion of apparent tactile motion. You see, if the human body feels two vibrations in quick succession that are close to each other, your body can be tricked into feeling all sorts of stuff.

Disney researchers demonstrated this technology last week in Vancouver.  They connect their Tactile Touch chair to a racing game and players were able to feel centrifugal force while taking a sharp turn.  They were also able to experience the feelings of acceleration.

Disney hopes to eventually take this technology to the big screen, think of all the possibilities there!  They also want to integrate Tactile Touch into their them park rides.  Yep, Space Mountain and The Haunted Mansion could get pretty hairy!

You can read more about this developing technology at NewScientist.

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