Capture Stunning Panoramic Video With Your iPhone

Capture Stunning Panoramic Video With Your iPhone

There are several smartphone apps that stitch together great panoramic photos.  I really enjoy using them to capture and share all 360 degrees of a picturesque surrounding.  Well soon our handheld panorama capabilities are going to get a whole lot sweeter…with video!

Kogeto is getting ready to release the Dot, a snap-on 360 degree lens for the iPhone 4. The device is lightweight, portable and easy to use.  It will ship with an iOS app that “dewarps” the raw image to create an interactive 360 degree video which can be uploaded to the web.

Kogeto has posted some sample video panoramas on their website, be sure to check them out! The Dot will begin shipping this summer for $98.  Click here to pre order one now!

Here’s some video of the Dot in action:

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