YouTube Live To Stream The Royal Wedding Online

YouTube Live To Stream The Royal Wedding Online

The big royal wedding is right around the corner and you’re all invited!  No need to book a plane reservation, you can watch it all online from the comfort of well.. anywhere!

YouTube Live will be broadcasting the union of Britain’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton on April 29th at 10AM BST (5AM EST).  The four hour online ceremony will include live commentary, a live blog and a Twitter feed.

After the ceremony,YouTube Live will broadcast the couple traveling to and from Westminister Abbey.  The Royal wedding will likely be Google’s most watched live broadcast to date.

If you’re feeling lucky, Bodog is taking odds on the wedding!  Yes, you read that right!  Here’s a few of the scenarios you can bet on:

-What color hat the Queen will wear
-The color of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress
-Whether or not the Bouquet will be dropped
-Who will catch the bouquet (if it’s caught)
-Which guest will cry the most
-How long their kiss will last

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