T-Mobile To Carry The iPhone (Pics), Sprint To Follow?

T-Mobile To Carry The iPhone (Pics), Sprint To Follow?

BGR has posted some leaked pictures of a white iPhone 4 running on the T-Mobile network. They claim the phone is being tested by Apple, so it should be released in the near future.

I think Apple is about to make the iPhone available across all networks, including Sprint. When Apple released the iPhone to Verizon, they stated that it was a non exclusive deal. Android phones selling at a feverish pace, so opening the iPhone to all carriers is likely in Apple’s best interest.

From BGR:

That’s right, you’re looking at photos of an iPhone prototype with T-Mobile USA 3G bands. The actual internal model is N94, and if you remember, the Verizon model is N92 while the standard GSM variant is N90. We have verified that the phone itself is running a test version of Apple’s iOS, much like the one we saw in those videos from Vietnam, and it includes internal Apple test apps like Radar and Apple’s employee directory app.

Here’s some of the leaked pics.  Click to enlarge.

Check out this video, it’s so true!

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