Nintendo Confirms Wii 2

Nintendo Confirms Wii 2

Rumors of a next generation Nintendo console have run rampid over the past week. Guess what, they were true! Yep, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president and CEO just confirmed them today.

Nintendo will unveil their new console this June at E3. Satoru wouldn’t release the console specs or details, but did mention that their new console will offer a unique gaming experience. I’m glad to hear that, Nintendo has always been innovative in their approach to gaming and it appears that their innovation will continue.

“As for the details of exactly what it will be, we have decided that it is best to let people experience it for themselves at E3,” said Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president and CEO. “So I won’t talk about specific details today, but it will offer a new way of playing games within the home.”

Any guess of what Nintendo’s next console may have in store?  I’m sure 3D will be heavily emphasized, given the recent popularity of their 3DS hand held console.  Nintendo will likely one up their motion control technology in an effort to overshadow Microsoft’s Kinect technology.  How about an SDK or online app/game store to take on Apple’s popular iStuff?  We will all find out this June! Stay tuned…

Haha Mario drives amongst us!

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