Next Generation iPod Nano To Regain Camera

Next Generation iPod Nano To Regain Camera

Remember when the iPod nano had a camera and recorded video? Those features were pretty groundbreaking for such a small device. Apple sadly axed all optics from the current nano so that they could make it nano-er.  Well, a new photo suggests Apple is going to bring the camera back! just posted a leaked photo of the next generation iPod nano case.  They received the photo a couple days ago from a source in California.  The case has a circular opening, similar to the camera housing on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  I really hope they add a FaceTime camera too, so we can all video conference with our watches! has been an accurate source of information in the past. They leaked photos of the current iPod nano touchscreen and the Verizon iPhone. This looks legit folks!

Check out this leaked video of the iPod flea:

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