iPhone 5 To Sport An 8MP Sony Camera

iPhone 5 To Sport An 8MP Sony Camera

Everybody’s favorite tech columnist, Walt Mossberg had an interesting interview with Sony CEO Howard Stringer Friday evening.  Yep, Mr. Stringer kinda slipped and told everyone that Sony will be supplying image sensors for the iPhone 5.

Stringer mentioned that some of Sony’s Japanese factories were damaged during the recent earthquake and tsunami.  Speaking before thinking, he went on to say that a camera sensor was being made for Apple at one of the damaged facilities.  Whoops! He also said that shipments of the sensor will be delayed due to factory damage.

These statements support The Street’s prediction of a 8MP Sony Camera for the iPhone 5.  The Street accurately predicted the 5MP sensor for the iPhone 5, so their claims are likely correct.

Pretty Snappy!  I hope it records full 1080P video!

Credit 9to5mac

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