Check Out The WaveJet Jet Propelled Surfboard

Check Out The WaveJet Jet Propelled Surfboard

Anyone who’s gone surfing knows it’s a lot of work!   Paddling through strong currents and riding monster waves can wear you out.  If you feel like cheating a little, then WaveJet can help you out. They have created a jet propelled surfboard.

WaveJet’s Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) technology will push you through the waves at speed up to 10 knots.  It’s twin motors are powered by two lithium ion batteries that provide up to 30 minutes of propulsion.  The motors are controlled by a remote control that attaches to your wrist.

The WaveJet PWP system was designed to help surfers spend more time surfing and less time paddling.  It’s great for beginners and could be a great asset to lifeguards. WaveJet technology can also be used in personal watercraft, Kayaks and light boats.

Check out the WaveJet in action:

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