Authors Can Now Autograph Your eBooks

Authors Can Now Autograph Your eBooks

I still remember meeting Ozzy Osbourne. It was at a book signing. Yes, you read that right, Ozzy wrote a friggin book! The signing was quite a spectacle, just imagine an enormous line of metalheads waiting outside a bookstore, haha it could only happen for Ozzy!

As a gadget lover, I began wondering how ebooks would effect book signings. I mean how can an author be able to sign their work if its embedded in an iPad, Kindle or other ereader?
Well, a company called Autography has developed a solution. Their service lets an author create a custom signature page that can be downloaded and added to your ebook. An author can also use Autography to import and digitally sign photos from your iPad or bluetooth camera.

I’m glad this solution was developed. ebooks are selling at an alarming rate and many analysts believe they are replacing printed media. It’s good to know that old fashioned book signings can still exist in our digital iWorld!

Still don’t believe Ozzy wrote a book? See for yourself!

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