Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X


Apple just announced Final Cut Pro X at NAB in Las Vegas.  Apple’s professional video software was  “rebuilt from the ground up” to offer full 64 bit support.  Apple says this update is “as revolutionary as the first version of FCP when introduced in 1999.”

Final Cut Pro X features a new UI, some of which looks to be borrowed from iMovie.  It uses Grand Central dispatch to enable editing on 8 cores simultaneously. Apple also integrated Open CL, Core animation and Cocoa into it’s editing powerhouse.

Some amazing features of FCP X include automated color matching of clips, face detection, a magnetic timeline, and resolution independent playback (up to 4K).  What amazes me the most about Final Cut Pro X is the ability to edit while as footage is being imported!  As an editor this is a HUGE time saver!

Final Cut Pro X will cost just $299 and will be available on the Mac App Store in June.  I’m sure more details will be available soon on the Apple website.

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