Amazon Now Offers Cheap 69 Cent MP3 Downloads

Amazon Now Offers Cheap 69 Cent MP3 Downloads

When it comes to digital media, Amazon means business! Their latest offering: 69 cent downloads on popular new releases! That’s less than half of what iTunes charges!

Amazon has taken some massive strides in expanding their sales of digital media.  They recently unveiled a Netflix style streaming service, an online “Appstore” with app previews, a Kindle eBook store and a cloud based music player.  Amazon is growing at a alarming rate, now may be a good time to pick up some of their stock.

Amazon’s new digital offerings are competing directly with Apple, Google and Netflix.  This is good news for the consumer, digital media prices are about to get a whole lot cheaper, 69 Cent downloads are just the beginning!

Check out this video to learn more about Amazon’s Cloud based music player.


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