Watch March Madness Live On Your iPhone/iPad

Watch March Madness Live On Your iPhone/iPad

A slam dunk for college hoops fans! CBS sports is gonna stream all March Madness games to all iOS devices. All ya need to do is dribble down to the App Store and download March Madness On Demand (MMOD). The app will be available for $10 on March 10th.

MMOD will stream over Wifi, 3G and even Edge (for all you AT&T subscribers) The app will offer a Game Center view with live stats and live social hosts.

If you don’t wanna cough up the $10, a free version of March Madness On Demand will also be available. It will offer basic tournament coverage, scores and stats.

Sorry Android users, doesn’t look like MMOD is coming your way, you’ll need to catch your hoops the old fashioned way, on the bigscreen…

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