Should You Buy Apple Products or Apple Stock?

Should You Buy Apple Products or Apple Stock?

Apple is one of the main reasons I became interested in stock investing.  Way back in 2003, I purchased my first Mac computer. It was a Powermac G5 with a dual 2GHz processor, it was 64 bit and the beast had a 1GHz front size bus.  At the time, it was arguably the fastest PC available in the world.

I remember spending countless hours learning, iMovie, Final Cut Pro etc… However, one program “Sherlock” really began to catch my eye.  Sherlock was built into OSX Panther, it provided easy search channels for flight information, movie times, eBay listings etc…

One channel that really appealed to me was Stocks.  It featured Apple (AAPL) by default.  I remember watching Apple’s stock stock go up nearly everyday, 3%, 4% etc..  Finally I decided to jump in, and boy am I glad i did!  Since then, the stock has split and grown exponentially!  See below, chart via Yahoo! Finance

Chart via Yahoo! Finance


Apple currently has the second highest Market Cap of any publicly traded company in the world (Exxon Mobile has the highest).  I often wondered how much the $3,000 I pad for my G5 would be worth now had I bought Apple stock instead.  Well, the answer is $85,228.

Kyle Conroy has compiled a spread sheet that depicts how much money you would have made from buying Apple stock instead of Apple products.  The results are astounding!  Look up the Apple products you’ve purchased in the past and think of all the loot you could be sitting on now!

Here’s a small sample of the spreadsheet via The New York Times For the full spreadsheet, visit Kyle Conroy’s blog


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