Physicist Developing An Audio Telescope To Hear Black Holes

Physicist Developing An Audio Telescope To Study Black Holes

Say What? I thought there was no sound in space. Not according to Janna Levin, a professor of physics and astronomy at Barnard College. “I want to convince you that the universe has a soundtrack, and that soundtrack is played on space itself.” said Levin at the recent TED 2011 conference.

Levin is developing an audio telescope to further explore black holes which “may be heard but not seen.”  In a recent interview, Levin told the Huffington Post, “Understanding our origins…advances us as a species…We’re on the cusp of turning on the first telescopes for sound,…It’s a whole other world out there, who knows what lurks that can’t be seen.”

Levine compares the sound of a black hole to “someone knocking on the door, or mallets banging on a drum.” These sounds are carried through space by gravitational waves.

Levine recently compiled an audio clip that resembles what she believes black holes sound like. Her TED 2011 presentation is not yet available online.  For now, you can check out her appearance on the Colbert Report:

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2 Responses to Physicist Developing An Audio Telescope To Hear Black Holes

  1. midhun says:

    what is the developement specification of thi telescope,mediam?

  2. midhun says:

    hi sir,what mediam is use for carry the sound wave from some it has been works?

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