Netflix To Produce Origial Series “House Of Cards”

Netflix To Produce Origial Series “House Of Cards”

Netflix clearly “sets the stage” as the leader in Movie/TV show streaming. However, they are facing more competition than ever before. Redbox, Amazon and Facebook have announced their debut in the movie steaming guild. Netflix is not ready to share the spotlight, in fact they want to make it bigger.

This afternoon, Netflix announced they will produce their own series entitled “House Of Cards”. The series will be directed by Oscar-nominated David Fincher, who directed The Social Network and Fight Club. The Netflix original series will star Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, who starred in American Beauty and The Usual Suspects.

Netflix is rumored to have paid $100 million for rights to the series, outbidding HBO and others. They will produce a minimum of 26 episodes, which is enough for two full seasons. Look for house Of Cards to stream (not air) late next year.

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