How To Use Apple’s Smart Cover With The Original iPad

How To Use Apple’s Smart Cover With The Original iPad

Do you have an original iPad and want to use the Smart Cover designed for the iPad 2? You are in luck!

A cleverly named blog, The Russians Used A Pencil recently devised a way to defy the laws of Apple Case Compatibility. All you need are a few small magnets and a little glue! Kinda sounds like a MacGyver episode …

The results are pretty impressive. The Smart Cover seems to auto latch and fold on perfectly on the iPad 1. Using the Smart Cover as a stand on the original iPad works great in typing mode, but a it’s little flimsy when used in the upright mode.

Please note, the Smart Cover auto wake/sleep functions don’t work on the iPad 1. Check out the video below for a complete step-by step.

Some Amazon affiliates are offering Smart Covers at pretty low prices, check out the link next to the video for more details. Enjoy!

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