How To Borrow eBooks For Free From Your Local Library

How To Borrow eBooks For Free From Your Local Library

Do you like to read? Do you prefer the convenience of ebooks? Do you wanna save some cash?  Guess what, you can now check out ebooks for free from your local library!   Here’s how:

First, download Overdrive, it’s a free app that lets you browse and borrow ebooks and audio books from your local library.  It’s available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Mac and PC.

When you first launch Overdrive, click “get books”, then “add website” and search for your local library by name, city or zip-code.  Now it’s time to browse!  You don’t need to mess with the Dewey Decimal System and you can make lots of noise:)

When your ready to check out, simply enter your library card number and the book(s) will begin downloading!  You’ll be able to read your borrowed ebook(s) for 14 days with the Overdrive app.

Your library will likely have limited licenses for each ebook.  So if the book you want is checked out, you’ll need to get on the list, just like in the old days!

Happy Reading!

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