Google Shows Off Their Self Driving Car

Google Shows Off Their Self Driving Car

In case you didn’t know, back in October, Google announced they were developing a self driving car. Well, it looks like their hard work is paying off. Google’s latest creation literally just drove itself from San Fransisco to the 2011 TED conference in Long Beach.

TED attendees were given the opportunity to sit behind the “passengers seat” and experience the future of transportation. Google’s self driving car impressively swerved through various cone obstacles at speeds over 40 mph! The car maneuvered seamlessly through the cones while exhibiting amazing skid and acceleration control.

I’m sure it’ll be many years before this technology is ready for us to enjoy. Be that as it may, Google has certainly proven that self driving cars can and will become reality. They are clearly off to the races with this technology!

Check out the video below!

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One Response to Google Shows Off Their Self Driving Car

  1. Mitchings says:

    Self-driving street view cars here we come. lol

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