Google Chrome 11 Lets You Explore The Web WIth Your Voice

Google Chrome 11 Lets You Explore The Web WIth Your Voice

I still remember when Google launched GOOG-411, which was basically a voice activated directory assistance service on steroids. It had features such as auto dial that smoked a traditional 411 call. Since then, Google rolled out voice enabled search across many mobile apps and even added speech-to-text technology to Google Voice.  Now Google is taking their speech-to-text technology straight to your computer with their Chrome web browser!

Yesterday, Google released a beta version of Google Chrome 11. The beta supports their new HTML speech input API. Developers can use this API to create web apps that convert your voice to text.

From the Google Blog:
“When a web page uses this feature, you simply click on an icon and then speak into your computer’s microphone. The recorded audio is sent to speech servers for transcription, after which the text is typed out for you.”

You can download the Beta here.  Once you have it installed, you can try out a demo of Google’s new speech-to-text web technology here.

Pretty cool stuff, speech-to-text should significantly boost Chrome’s market share.  I also think this technology will soon play a more pertinent roll in their Chrome’s operating system.

Check out this interview with Mike Cohen, one of Google’s speech recognition engineers:

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