Check Out This Amazingly Realistic Humanoid

Check Out This Amazingly Realistic Humanoid

That friendly fellow you see to your left is not human, he is a Geminoid. Geminoids are a new class of lifelike robots that are molded to resemble real life people…who eerily want robotic clones.

The latest generation of geminoid, the Geminoid DK was recently unveiled. The DK are controlled through a futuristic motion capturing system, where the gemenoid mimics the movements of it’s operator. Yep, kinda like Avatar!

Check out these videos of the new geminoid. Notice how freakishly real it looks, it’s eye movement and facial expressions are amazingly accurate. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Check Out This Amazingly Realistic Humanoid

  1. Zac Martin says:

    Why does it remind me of Jamie Kennedy?

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