Toshiba’s New Camera Technology Identifies Food


Cameras are no longer single purpose devices.  They’re now used to scan barcodes, solve Sudoku puzzles and translate text.  Many cameras also ship with facial recognition technology, but why stop there?

Toshiba is developing a camera system that will identify food.  They plan on integrating this technology with self checkout terminals.

Do-it-yourself checkout terminals are convenient, simply scan your items, swipe your credit card and you’re out.  The concept is great if everything you buy has a bar code. However, if you are purchasing a pound of Macintosh apples, you’ll need to weigh your produce, then identify your apple’s mugshot from a long list of possibilities, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, etc…

Toshiba’s image recognition technology will easily detect Macintosh as your apple of choice.  It will do so by analyzing it’s shape, color and skin markings.  After all the data is crunched, a few images (sorted by probability) will be displayed to choose from.

The system is accurate enough to identify food inside clear produce bags.  However, if for some reason it thinks your buying a blackberry, you’ll have the option to correct it.

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