The World’s First Personal Submarine

The World’s First Personal Submarine

Why has no one thought of this before!?  EGO, made by Raonhaje is the world’s first compact personal submarine.  It’s like a boat, but it’s controls are in an housed in an underwater cabin.  EGO’s cabin windows provide breathless panoramic views of underwater beauty (unless you live in Long Island).

Ego is battery powered and can run up to ten hours on a single charge.  The sub is easy to navigate.  Like a car, it has an accelerator pedal.  A direction switch is used to navigate the vessel left or right.  Don’t expect to win any races though, EGO maxes out at a yawning four knots (4.6 mph).  Personally, I’ll take amazing scenery over speed any day.

The Ego has a few above water decks perfect for tanning and relaxing.  Also included are a VHF Marine radio, compass, digital depth gauge  and a battery monitoring system.

Ego was introduced this week at the Miami Boat Show.  It will be available in seven colors.  Look for it soon at a boat dealer near you!

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