The World’s First 3D Smartphone

The World’s First 3D Smartphone

LG officially announced their Optimus 3D smartphone yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.  The LG Optimus will feature 3D gaming, video and photography.  Will you need to wear 3D glasses?…Nope!

The Optimus 3D sports not one, but two 5.0 megapixel cameras for… yep you guessed it, capturing 3D photos and HD 3D video.  Yes, your friggin cell phone will be able to record 3D HD video! The Optimus 3D will capture 3D video at an astounding 720p and regular ol’ 2D video at an ultra crisp 1080p.

LG’s 3D handset will ship with a 4.3 inch touchscreen and 8GB of storage, micro SD cards can be added to increase it’s storage to 32 GB.  Powering the Optimus 3D is a dual-core 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor.

The handset is a bit bulky. It is 11.9 millimeters thick and weighs in at 168 grams.  LG has yet to announce the Optimus 3D’s price or release date.

video via mobileburn

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